Our LTC Services Include:

  • Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff that will work to ensure that you get the best service as quickly as possible
  • Multiple deliveries per day
  • Emergency evening and weekend deliveries at no extra cost
  • Access to 14 different prescription drug wholesalers to ensure patients will not run out of medications
  • Nutritional supplements (Boost, Ensure, Procel, etc)
  • Secure website with copies of all prescriptions and shipping reports that can be accessed at anytime by your staff (LTC Portal)
  • Variety of packaging options to best fit your needs, including multiple tablets per blister bubble, pre-split tablets, and separate day program packaging
  • Multiple medication administration record (MAR) forms corrected and delivered monthly with electronic MAR in the process of being implemented
  • Weekly reports showing medications that are due for refill in order to help streamline the medication ordering process
  • Forms that help ensure that your facility meets state requirements and we will create custom forms if needed
  • Convenient monthly billing statements sent to your organization or to individual residents.

p: (585) 638-5499

f: (585) 638-6149